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Hughes Academy

Of Professional Wrestling

Frankie Quinn Champ.png

Hughes Academy Champion
Frankie Quinn
April 22nd 2023 - 

Beat Spartan - 2 falls to 1 - April 22nd 2023

Beat Rufguts - 2 falls to 1 - May 27th 2023

Beat JT Hollow - 2 Falls to 1 - June 11th 2023

Beat Phoenix Tallion  - 2 Falls to 1 - August 27th 2023

Beat Kokiri - 2 Falls to 1 - September 30th 2023

Beat Dorian Webber - 2 Falls to 1 - October 15th 2023


With over 20 years wrestling experience the Hughes Academy Coaching team is unmatched in dedication and experience.


With Regularly run shows designed to give students experience alongside some of the best wrestlers in the country

On Demand

Our self published On Demand channel is like no other, with shows from across New Zealand including lots of exclusive content offered monthly


A Dedicated store for all your Hughes Academy Merchandise needs


Coming Soon an online consultation program for aspiring wrestlers

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