11th May 2013
Kelston Girls College Gym - 11th May 2013 
Opening Contest - Triple Threat Match
El condor beat El Grindo and Stix​

Inferno Beat Mark Freemantle

​Graham Hughes beat Steve Jordan

Shane Sinclair beat T-Rex

​Charlie Roberts beat Kade Morgan 

Inferno beat Graham Hughes

​Shane Sinclair beat Charlie Roberts 

Lazarus Volt & Angel Beat Jimmy Fox Krystal Kayne

Scarlet beat Alex Donahue

Shane Sinclair beat Inferno
14th December 2013
Avondale Primary School - December 14th 2013 ​

Krystal Kayne Defeated Angel

Daniel Martins Defeated The Shadow Ninja

Rhys Youngblood Defeated Stix

Graham Hughes and Curtis Castlewood ended in a no contest

Rebels Inc beat Graham Hughes & Shadow Ninja

The Shogun & Angel beat Curtis Castlewood & Krystal Kayne

The Shogun beat Rhys Youngblood

Daniel Martins beat Curtis Castlewood

Falls count anywhere match

Stix beat Charlie Roberts

Angel won the battle royal
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