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Free Matches

Check out some Exclusive Free Matches Available only on the Hughes Academy Website (matches can be viewed in HD by clicking on the youtube link at the bottom of the bar)

El Oro Maximo
"The Neo Viper" Kartik

The opening contest from our first in out 6 weekly shows at Kelston Community Centre on June 14th 2014


This is the debut of both El Oro Maximo and Kartik


Devin Lockhart
Frankie Quinn

Taken from out March 26th show at Kelston Intermediate School


Devin Lockhart Vs Frankie Quinn,


Devin has made waves since debuting on september 5th 2015, being undefeated around the country, He made his debut against Frankie Quinn in September and now hes back challenging Frankie again.


"The Neo Viper" Kartik
"Shooter" Shane Sinclair

Taken from out May 7th show at Kelston Intermediate School


Kartik Vs Shane Sinclair


Shane Sinclair is widely regarded as one of the best wrestlers in the country today, holding multiple championships over multiiple companies, In this first time match up former Hughes Academy champion Kartik takes on possibly his biggest challenge yet in the form of Shane Sinclair


Rufguts Vs Graham Hughes
Live Pro Wrestling
May 7th 2016

Taken from out May 7th show at Kelston Intermediate School


Graham Hughes Vs Rufguts



Hughes Academy Championship Match
Kartik (c) vs Daniel Martins
Live Pro Wrestling
May 5th 2018

Taken from our May 5th 218 show

The Hughes Academy championship match between champion Kartik and the challenger Daniel Martins



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