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Free Shows

Here you can find free Hughes Academy shows

We will be adding some exclusive free shows, only available on our website soon

Hughes Academy Launch Show
May 11th 2013
Kelston Girls College

We opened our doors on May 11th 2013 with a full days training and a show in the evening,


This free show includes the first ever Hughes Academy one night tournament, where wrestlers find out LIVE who their opponant in the first round is,


Two outstanding trainees from the days training gained spots in the show in a mixed Tag Match, Krystal Kayne joined Jimmy Fox and Angel Joined Lazarous volt.


Also see the New Zealand debut of Rhys Youngblood, fresh from his sty in FCW in America

Hughes Academy Live Pro Wrestling
March 26th 2017
Kelston Intermediate School

See 5 matches from our March 26th's pre show show

Intergender Match Frankie Quinn Vs John Henry

Graham Hughes Challenges Ref Chris Ferguson to a match to celebrate him having reffed his 500th match

Charlie Roberts Vs Devin Lockhart

El Oro Maximo Vs Kenith W/Tabitha

Graham Hughes Vs Shadow Ninja

See Tabitha set a Championship match for the show in the evening

Hughes Academy Championship Match Kartik ( C ) Vs Curtis Castlewood

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