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Justin Richards

"The most beneficial wrestling training isn't so much about what you are taught,rather how you are taught it.
Through years of commitment and passion for his craft,Graham Hughes' efforts are acknowledged as being invaluable in contributing towards creating 2 of the UKs finest and most respected professional wrestling training schools.Both of which have produced many national and global wrestling talents currently working within the industry.
I can no recommend this mans ability as an instructor enough.
If you seek the easy way into the world of wrestling,look elsewhere..If you want the correct route then Graham Hughes will help guide you."

Jace the Ace

"If entering the world of pro wrestling is what you would like to do, then Graham is the perfect person to guide you,
Graham Hughes is a talented young grappler with all the main attributes (passion, respect, love for the business).
He's got the new style wrestling with an old school twist all rolled into one."

Erin Angel

"Graham Hughes is a hugely credited wrestler in the UK, with great knowledge, experience and pure passion for wrestling. He has rocked the UK and is now making waves in New Zealand. If you think you have what it takes to be a professional wrestler, then get training with Graham Hughes !"

Slade Mercer

/ Max Damage

"Graham Hughes has been taught by and wrestled with some of the best talent professional wrestling has to offer. There is nobody with his level of experience in New Zealand in our great sport. If you're looking for a great wrestling school, with excellent trainers, stop looking - you've found it."

Rhia O'Reily

"I trained with Graham at JRSW in England and found it be a really positive experience. His extensive experience makes him a great source of knowledge both in ring and about the business in general. He is a fun and supportive training however do not take his patience for granted, he expects nothing but your best!"

Justin Gabriel

When I rocked up at the FWA Academy in England; Graham was assistant trainer at age 16. That was 11 years ago. Vast knowledge of the business and highly skilled coach!

Kurt Angle

"A Great Coach"


“ I know Graham for more than 10 years now. I met him back in 2002 in the UK where he al ready was an outstanding talent and coach. Till this day I can still recall his training sessions as some of the best I’ve had over the years. He learned from the best in the UK and knows his stuff. I can honestly say that Graham Hughes is the right guy to go to if you want to get proper training”

Wolf Alexander

"I had the priviledge of meeting Graham Hughes on my very first foray into professional wrestling training. Later I had the opportunity to not only train under his tuition, but wrestle him numerous times in the UK, participating in some of my favourite matches in the process.

His execution in the ring is only outshone by his ability to pass on his knowledge to his students. Whether it is to hone your craft, or just make a start, Graham Hughes is the means to realise your ambitions."

Hade Vansen

“Graham was one of the sharpest looking performers I remember seeing coming out of the south of England. He possessed an in ring ability that immediately set him apart from his peers.

The thing that allowed him to stand out was his understanding of the fundamental principles of the mat game. The timing and psychology. Aside from his natural physical talents, he really knows how to get a match kicked into high gear!”
"Graham has been wrestling since he was a teenager and has developed a tremendous knowledge over the years. He wont just teach you holds and moves, but the psychology behind putting a match together. From working with Graham over the years, I know that he'll make sure that graduates come away with the right attitude and respect for the buisness as well."

Dean Ayass

Kris Kay

"When becoming a professional wrestler it becomes very easy to get and ego. During my 18 year career I have met a lot of wrestlers that has that ego/big head attitude but one person that I have a lot of time for is Graham Hughes.
When I first met Graham he was a very polite guy and was very clear he loved wrestling and wanted to do well. As I watched Graham in the ring he had great ring presence and what's more he could actually do the job. He adapted a very professional attitude very quickly and it was obvious he wanted to learn.
He often asked if there is anything he can approve on and took on board everything all other pros said to him.
I was fortunate to wrestle Graham and was very impressed.
I am very happy Graham has decided to open a training school and advise wannabe wrestlers to attend as this is going to be something special. Happy training Kris Kay"
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