"The Standard hero"

  Graham Hughes

Began training in professional wrestling in 2001 at the former FWA:Academy,Portsmouth.

In 2002, graduated as part of series 2 of Academy students, along with the likes of former WWE performer,Paul Birchill.

Soon after, performed in his first professional wrestling match on a show highlighting FWA:Academy talent, and became a mainstay on future Academy shows as well as companies around the UK

Through 2003, toured nationally with FWA as part of one of the companies storyline factions.

Due to injury in late 2004, was forced to cease active wrestling for rehabilitation. During this time, took responsibility for assisting in instructing many of the  gyms junior and senior trainees and maintaining the smooth running of the Academy.

In 2008, traveled to New Zealand and competed for the countries leading professional wrestling  promotion, KPW. Was soon after quickly recruited to take the reigns as head instructor at the highly respected KPW training facility.

Had Shoulder Stabilization surgery  in Feb 2010

And in 2010 joined the coaching team at the Justin Richards School of Wrestling as Head Instructor during this time was named one of the best trainers in the country, training many who would go onto wrestle around the world, the Justin Richards School of wrestling hosted Visitor sessions such as Jeremy Borash and Kurt Angle of TNA, During this session Kurt Angle called The coaching team great coaches.

In 2013 Relocated to New Zealand and continued Wrestling for KPW, as well as opening the Hughes academy of professional wrestling in May of 2013 in Auckland



Tanya Cook-Hughes

       "Suzie Q"       

Tanya Who wrestles as Suzie Q is the driving force behind the Hughes Academy


Making her debut at KPW Afterblaster in July of 2008 against Hollie Queen of divas in a rivalry which would see them wrestle around New Zealand and for several years


She undertook her first teaching role as an instructor at one of europes most well respected training schools, the Justin Richards School of Wrestling, During her time as instructor at JRSW she facilited visits from TNA stars such as Jeremy Borash and Kurt Angle, Tanya is widely respected as one of the top trainers in both the UK and New Zealand


Was a special guest match at 2 KPW shows, one in 2011 and one in 2012


Returned full time to New Zealand in January 2013 against Scarlett at KPWS Bays Wrestlefest 2 show in Tauranga

"The Alphalete"

Charlie Roberts

Charlie Roberts began training at the Kiwi Pro Wrestling Wild 4 Wrestling training school in wellington after a successful career as an NZWPI Journalist,

Charlie Roberts has done it all in New Zealand wrestling, starting off as a Referee and then switching to being a manager for KPW Champion Inferno, he then transitioned to an active wrestler in KPW, in 2010 he took on a role of instructor at the Kiwi Pro Wrestling training school, between 2010 and 2013 he spent time working around the New Zeland scene as much as possible, this led him to become the busiest active wrestler in New Zealand history, a highlight which he has held between 2016 and 2018 and is showing no signs of slowing down.

Charlie Roberts has wrestled for every promotion in New Zealand and was also hand picked to wrestle on the New Japan Pro Wrestling show in November 2016

Since then Charlie Roberts has continued to be the hardest working wrestler in New Zealand, also becoming an instructor for the Longest running New Zealand promotion - Impact Pro Wrestling putting the beginners through their paces,

in 2013 he became the first Hughes Academy champion which he would remain for almost an entire year.

He has held titles in almost every company in New Zealand including,

Hughes Academy, IPW, NZWPW, KPW, APW, IWI, MU


Frankie Quinn

"The Neo Viper"